Do I have to be naked?

Heckkkkk no. This is your space. If you're not feeling it, don't do it. Boudoir really is about you, and if you don't feel comfortable with nudity, that is absolutely not a requirement. I am here to empower you however you feel safe. You are also allowed at any time to change the direction in which you want your session to go. This is all about you and I support you.

What in the heck do I wear?

I mean, really whatever you want (or don't want). I do have a pretty sizeable client closet, which we can go through at the start of your session and you're welcome to wear items from it if you feel inspired. I encourage everyone to bring at the very minimum underwear that are plain colored/matching set/lingerie that you KNOW you love and have tried on at home. I'm always here to answer any questions and speak about your creative vision.

What about shibari?

Brand new to the studio, this is an add-on service and a delicate art that can be added on to your session. I work with a trusted rigger and this particular type of session requires just a little extra pre-consulation with you, to make sure you are comfortable, safe and feel secure. As always, please don't ever hesitate to reach out with candid questions.

Do I have to share my images?

Nope. Never. These images are for you.

Any photo that you see displayed on my website, IG or any other space has been shared with explicit consent of the person in the photograph. You have no obligation to share EVER.

Will you photoshop my images?

In short, nah. I like you just the way you are. My general rule is: If it will be gone in a week (IE pimple, scratch, etc). I will smooth it out or remove it. I'm not about changing your body shape, your stretch marks, your eye color or anything else. If you have insecurities we need to talk about, let's do it.

Is it normal to be nervous as fuck?

YUP. You're doing something vulnerable, probably something you haven't done before and that's normal af. I can't promise you I can make you less nervous before, but I do promise that I will give you a space where those nerves will dissolve quickly and I do promise you will surprise yourself. It sounds super cliche, but trust the process and trust me: I will not let you fall.


The whole enchilada

In the studio, you are free of expectations. In the space, everything is catered to your comfort and as always, your explicit consent. I understand that photography is vulnerable on it's own, let alone in a more intimate setting. Want to bare it all? I'm here for it. Feeling like rocking something different? I gotchu. Your session. Your space. Your heart.

Got questions? I got answers. Reach out any time and I will answer you openly.

Don't be shy, ask me about shibari add-on.

i want it

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we are committed to continuing to create a space that is all inclusive, regardless of age, preference, gender, beliefs, or appearance. we will continue to hold space for those who are marginalized, overlooked and discriminated against. we believe that all stories deserve to be told with great reverence and respect. we believe that BLACK LIVES MATTER and stand against racial injustice. we are an ally for all of our friends in the BIPOC and LGBTQ+ community and believe in using our platform to continue to diversify and showcase underrepresented humans. we want to normalize diversity and change the world, the conversations and encourage change in the actions of others. we actively and loudly reject racism, discrimination, hetero-centricity, fatphobia and able-body focus in the photography community. we aim to create a safe space where everyone can feel empowered.

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