Maybe we’ve met, maybe we have yet to, but I’m so stoked and honored you’re considering a mentorship with me. When I started photography years and years ago, one of the best things I did was invest in myself in the form of workshops and mentorships. I personally believe that as artists, we should always be seeking to grow and and improve, and that our art is a constantly evolving life-long journey.

And that’s why you’re here and why I’m here.I promise to always meet you heart first and be your biggest hype team ever.

side-by-side $350

Go on shoot with me!

If you're a human who prefers learning by watching and also enjoys bad dance moves + jokes, this is for you. I will take care of the hard work and put together a shoot for you, including models and location(s). This is a perfect time to go over camera settings, utilizing light to create radiant images, client interaction and posing + prompts. You'll take the lead and I'll be there to back you up. This is the perfect investment for the photographer who needs help getting more organic moments in front of the camera, movement or wants to start working with steamier sessions + couples.

This is also a handy tool for the wedding + engagement photographer who wants to add a little zing to everyday images. Real love, raw love, tangible tools. I gotchu, angel babes. These are one hour sessions for those local to Spokane + CDA only (unless you're visiting then PLEASE let a girl know so we can meet!)

Good news! You'll also get a copy of my posing guide to help you in future sessions!

coffee talk $250

A little more one on one time!

If you're just wanting some real serious sit-down talk time, this is perfect for you.

Maybe you're re-branding and want some insight.Maybe you're struggling with wedding day timelines, edits or contracts. Whatever's on your heart, let's get together and chat. We can meet at your favorite coffee shop or sit down over a beer and edit together or just simply speak on whatever you're needing. We will spend a few hours going over anything from networking to social media to posing to taxes to creating better relationships and experiences for your clients. I'm here to listen and help.

Good news! You'll also get a copy of my posing guide to help you in future sessions!

video chat $250

Although I want to meet you in person, if you're someone not based in Spokane or a surrounding area, or just don't have time to meet in person, this is for you.We can spend
up to two hours talking about anything and everything!

This includes everything I've listed above + you'll get a copy of my posing guide as well to have and keep! High-tech high-five and big long distance love coming your way.

Hello, is it me you're looking for? If so, just answer the phone and I'll be there.


what others have experienced

"There is just no way to leave a proper review for Becca, her Mentorship has been worth more than words, time and investment!! When we first started on this adventure I was shadowing her on shoots. Learning different camera settings, magical lighting guidance, then to witness and soak up how to connect with people on a real level to learn how to best show their hearts in her work. I then took the leap into the full in-person learner and do a styled shoot, and man did she DELIVER! I have started connecting with my clients on a deeper level and it shows in my work. I can see how my posing is always improving from being able to recall different parts of her sessions and how she lead the moments that created epic images! So in short (LOL) Becca is worth the investment and I’m already planning my next adventure with her!"

I reached out to Becca about a year ago to see if she would be interested in mentoring me, or if she even offered mentorships in the first place. I remember being nervous since I was a new photographer that didn’t want to be judged for not knowing enough or being to young, but Becca welcomed me with open arms. I felt so comfortable during our meetings - she was so calm, encouraging & educational. She’s always unapologetically showing up with her hair in messy buns since she’s a busy homeschooling mom, astonishing photographer/business owner, wife, badass. She is the most genuine person, who truly wants to help motivate others. I highly recommend Becca as a mentor! She is the best!


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