Do you travel?

Absolutely. Even though I am Spokane based and work frequently throughout my city and North Idaho, I freakin' love to travel. I've photographed all over; Hawaii, Montana, Seattle, Oregon and beyond. I live for an adventure and pack hella good snacks. Helping you have the best experience during your travel is key, including scouting and mapping out your ideal locations, helping you with the necessary permits and setting you up for your vision and vibe. I gotchu. SO if you're dreaming of a destination elopement, wedding or otherwise, tell me when we're leaving and I'll be there.

Are you an all inclusive photographer?

I hate that this even has to be a thing but yes, with all my heart yes. You can trust me with your heart and soul and everything in between. I don't care your race, sex, age...every story deserves to be told. I don't even care if you don't like pineapple on pizza (I'll fight you). I love you. I love your love.

Do I have to take my pants off for a couples session?

Nope. While I do feature and love celebrating all types of love (and you will see images that are more vulnerable for some) from winter coats to steamy, I don't have any requirements or expectations of you. I just ask that you show up willing and present. You can always rely on me to create a safe space for you if you DO desire something more intimate and any photos that you see published like this are done so with the explicit consent of those involved. That being said, butts are great so if you want to run yours through a field with me, I'm all in.

What can we expect from you if we book you for our wedding/engagement?

I'm a hands on photographer, meaning I'm with you from the beginning to the end. With all wedding investments, you can expect to do several pre-wedding consults with me to go over a photo-based timeline that I create for you and also a really fun, relaxed engagement session. I want and desire time to get to know you before we celebrate you during your event. Investing in you is SO fucking important to me. I'm here for you if you have vendor questions, if you want to show your outfits, if you want to send me memes (my meme game is strong, forewarning) or just reach out to share excitement with me. I literally love you so much.

How many images can I expect?

Short answer: 50/hour for weddings, and 20/hour for self-love, couples, engagements and other shoots. Long answer: I'm not really one to limit images of your day and am a notorious oversharer. I get REALLY excited to share your pictures with you and want you to have as many fantastic memories of your time with me to look over for years to come.

What else should I keep in mind? I'm REALLY NERVOUS. And I'm awkward. And I don't know what to do with my hands.

Don't sweat it too much. Everyone is nervous at first. We will laugh, cry if you need it, all I ask is that you trust me. Here for all of your Ricky Bobby hand-moments and beyond.

Will you give me the RAWS?

God, no. Never.


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