Hi it me

Hey, I’m Becca (if we were meeting face to face I might be shouting that because generally I’m over excited)

I am me and I don’t know any other way to be. I am a human-dog-and-cat mom, wife, (terrible moves) dancing queen, donut lover and Star Wars Jedi. Music is so important to me and I truly have a hard time not laughing at my own jokes. I am a Midwest girl who moved to the PNW and my love affair with this area has grown deep and planted roots.

I’ve been taking photos since I was 11, I started with a film class in middle school (hello sweater-vest-braces-Hanson era) The human connection won my heart ultimately and my focus is on love stories in all forms.

I am eccentric and okay with it. I get really loud when I’m stoked and I have a laugh that my husband will tell you sounds like Bettie Rubble. I keep it real all of the time and I don’t make time for negative energy. I am so fucking full of joy that I cannot contain it. I love to share who I am because it makes my art what it is and I am never going to hide any parts of me. I love quickly and fearlessly so if you want someone to tell you you’re a real life angel, you got it. I will not offend your mother.

I wear overalls because more pockets = more room for love and tiny treats. I would really like to photograph a llama so if you could have one at your wedding that would be real neat.

but also...

I am the first to diffuse a situation with humor, and I promise you'll never be able to out-awkward me. I will always be on your level and meet you heart first.

Like Nirvana said "come as you are". Promise I'm going to fall in a hole or tell you about the time I got lost in a cave and threw up in front of everyone. We are going to bond. We family now.

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