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Radical Heart Series: The Spicy Workshop

Forever and ever in love with humans like ya girl? Not sure how to include spicier sessions into your work? I gotchu, babe.

The Radical Heart series includes not only education, but personal guidance on  how to create a warm and welcoming space for your future couples to thrive in during their time with you, how to have open conversations about consent, how to plan and book a session and what goes on during a session to give an experience that is not only heartfelt but transformative. Content creation will be a key part, but come for this if you’re looking to SHOW UP for your couples beyond just snapping a photo.

These mini workshops will be local and limited in space so that we can adhere to safety protocols + so that every attendee can feel like their time is valuable, their voice is heard, and be the leader during content creation time. General camera knowledge is going to be a must for the current Radical Heart workshops.

I are here to touch hearts and create a system of support that will always have your back and be in your corner. HARDCORE FANGIRL AND YOUR BIGGEST HYPE TEAM 4EVER. FULL SEND LOVE AND EXPERIENCES with your couples that will fill your fucking cup and your heart. DEEPER CONNECTIONS with your photography community. I can’t wait to meet you soon.

If you’re ready for it, full send it boo. Hop on my CONTACT ME page and let’s talk.




love notes from couples, models + attendees

Rachel + Lindsay

Would absolutely 10/10 recommend Becca for any of your intimate portrait needs. She has such a calming, positive presence that really puts you at ease from the beginning; coupled with her unique ability to capture your natural chemistry in beautiful lights, shades, and textures, she is the perfect recipe for a beautiful, personal photo session. My wife and I booked a “spicy” session with her (couples boudoir), and she felt like an instant friend, at the same time the utmost professional. She gauged where we wanted our session to go, guided us into poses that would photograph well, and followed us where our chemistry ad-libbed. She also had a variety of sizes and colors in outfits (lingerie) for us to try. All in all, we had a wonderful time with Becca, we love our gorgeous photos, and we really needed to just book her as a babysitter for the next couple hours! 😉🌶❤️‍🔥😋

Ash + Jada

We had the incredible opportunity to model for a workshop by PapertigerPhotography, and I can’t express enough how wonderfully intentional and inclusive the experience was, especially for my partner and me as an LGBTQ+ couple. From the very beginning, the atmosphere felt warm and inviting, making it easy for us to open up and be our authentic selves.

We are immensely grateful for the opportunity to work with Becca. Her intentional and inclusive approach has not only resulted in breathtaking photographs but has also left a lasting impact on our & everyone involved hearts. We highly recommend her to anyone looking for a photographer/mentor who not only captures incredible moments but also makes you feel truly seen and valued. 🫶🏻🦋🧚‍♀️🥹

Kylie + Tyler

Words cannot describe how much fun we had at our session with Becca. She created a space that made us feel, safe, comfortable and completely ourselves. Even while completely naked in a field, Becca had us laughing so hard we were crying at points during our time with her. She keeps sessions light and fun and the connection she captures during it all is unbelievable. I’ve never been delivered a gallery of photos that have made me feel more myself then the ones she took of us. She captured our wild love so well and I’ll never use another couples photographer again. She’s not only incredible behind the camera, she’s an INCREDIBLE human and truly one of the greatest people I know. She’s stuck with us FOREVER!

Plus when your husband says doing the naked photos was one of he’s favorite parts of 2021… you make plans to do it again!

Shayla + Blake

I can’t say enough about Becca.

Every time I get to have a shoot with Becca, I know I’m in for a treat. She is always feeling out what type of shoot we want, the mood of the photos, and anything else you could think of. One thing I have always loved is the quality and real emotions that she can translate through her photos.
Not to mention, WHAT A GOOD TIME!! I don’t think I’ve ever been so hyped up and confident as I’ve felt taking the photos. I Already want to get in for more! 🖤🖤

Bryan + Gabby

Every time I think about the photoshoot we did with Becca, I can’t stop smiling! From the planning stages to the photoshoot, every piece was great. Becca and her mentee Brooke were excellent to work with! They made us feel so comfortable, held space for encouraging affirmations, and were an absolute joy to work with. I tell people regularly that the power and beauty behind an intimate and sexy partnered photoshoot is something that everyone deserves. The lasting joy I feel from that experience is something that has positively transformed me. I wholeheartedly and enthusiastically encourage everyone to book a shoot with Becca!

Emily + Sam

I had a really hard time putting into words what it is like to work with Becca. She’s very reassuring and has an almost therapeutic presence, but honestly it’s also like she’s not really there. When the session starts, the nervous giggles and “I don’t know what to do with my hands” feelings kind of fade away with her encouragement and direction and then it felt like my partner and I were just enjoying each other and the experience of doing something different. I’ve left the sessions with an endorphin rush and feeling even closer to my partner.


Connect. Recharge. Be Inspired.


I will forever strive together to build a safe and welcoming inclusive community who openly rejects racism, homophobia and fatphobia. I believe that all stories deserve to be told with great reverence and respect and that everyone should feel empowered and leave their time with you better than  they came in.

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